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The Cheap Imitation

"The Cheap Imiatation" was my original performance name, since I was a "cheap imitation" of a real band. I did release a cassette (titled Not Ready Yet), but I had to compromise with my original idea for it because not all the tracks were ready. Here's what I more or less originally wanted it to be:

Here's the inner sleeve from the Cheap Imitation cassette, with the what-I-had-available track lineup. I put it together with a size-reducing photocopier, which was new and cool at the time.
  1. Suite:
  2. bluegreen interlude
  3. Perpetual Motion
  4. dangerous interlude
  5. Monorail to Nowhere (instrumental)
  6. Your Brilliant Career
  7. The Penguin Song

There would have been smooth transitions between most of the songs. For example: after the last line of YBC ("You will speak at the tone"), I was going to have a telephone answering machine beep and then "And now, the Penguin Song" would be in a telephone-voice.

Songs of Grief and Regret

Simple Songs for Simple Folk

Not enough songs for this album yet... but here are the tracks I think would fit within this rubric:

leftover regular songs

This would be a collection of what I'd currently consider "good songs", possibly tied together with other stuff that's enjoyable despite not being particularly good song-wise.

As a reference to the gap between starting and finishing some of these songs, maybe something like Woozalia's Anticipated Hits: 1985-2017

not titled yet: non-political humorous original songs