We Believe

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We believe what we believe because it's true
And we know it's oh so true because it's right
And the reason how we know that it's so right
Is 'cause we know deep down what we believe.


I know down in mah heart what I believe
My bones feel it so strong, it's hard to contain
My every major organ knows what's right
Except maybe the front part of mah brain.


You just got to have faith in what's true
Confusing facts can make the truth obscure
Facts weaken your faith and leave you blue
Things that just aren't there keep you secure.


I know down in my gut I must be true
My faith I must preserve, wherever I roam
I stick to my beliefs like superglue
And that's why I just firebombed your home.


  • This was probably inspired by Not The Nine O'Clock News's I Believe, although it was only after writing it that I noticed the similarity.
  • 2013-12-08 posted on Google+