Stop and Smell the Roadkill

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Written sometime in the 1999-2001 timeframe; I can probably pin it down more accurately by going through my notebook.



dramatic chords: A . . . E . . . G . . . Gb . . . Bm . .

Verse 1

Bm Gb7 Well I'm tryin' to find my way back home to my sainted Aunt Marie
A E7 She was last seen in a comic book which did not belong to me
Bm Gb7 Well she took me for an outlaw and I took her for a fool
A E7 So I set sail on a cruise ship on a voyage 'cross a swimming pool

Bm E G Bm

Chorus 1

A E7 Well don't say I'm only half insane, don't tell me that I'm wrong
G D Everybody's up in arms, I'm just trying to belong
Bm A If there's one thing that I've learned in life, I know it's kinda dumb
You gotta stop E7 and smell the roadkill F, don't forget Gb where you are from


Verse 2

Well I thought that everything I thought was just as well as done
So I went out without a doubt and tried to look for number one
It came upon me slowly, so I got up and went
It happened then, I don't know when, I got tied up in cement

Bm E G Bm

Chorus 2

Well listen here, I don't know for sure, but it just seems so to me
You're dead set on your reckoning, don't get caught too far at sea
If there's one thing that I've learned, just stop and let me have my say
You gotta stop and smell the roadkill, count your blessings every day

solo verse

E              B7
D              A
Bm             E
C     G        Gb-aug-7      Bm


I oftimes can remember
Or at leastaways can't forget
All the times we'd say that we got to get away
And we haven't got one yet
Wake up and smell the catfood
You're living in a fool's pair a' shoes
Sometimes when you ain't winning,
Best thing to do is lose.

Chorus 3

If there's one thing you done told me, and I knew it all along
I may be insane, I might be to blame, but I'm the one that wrote this song
If you're out riding shotgun when I come nosin' 'round
Just stop and smell the roadkill, it's the best thing that I've found


CHORDS:    D A  Bm A  G  A   D  D
BASS LINE: D Db B  A  G  A   D  D
CHORDS:    D A  Bm A  G  Gb  Bm Bm
BASS LINE: D Db B  A  G  Gb  B  B