Losing All My Organs

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(an organic love song)


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I left my heart in San Francisco
I lost my mind in Timbuktu
I left my lungs and my right kidney
In Tokyo and Sydney
And I'm holding my breath wondering what to do
Because I'm losing all my organs over you.

I shipped my nose to Kuala Lumpur
Emailed my earlobes to Kalamazoo
I faxed my knees to the twin cities
They're tied up in committees
Working out which one gets where and who
Since I've been losing all my organs over you.

I lost my spine in northern Denmark
Misplaced my brain in Malibu
I traded my right femur
To an airline ticket schemer
And I'm hopping I can get what I've been due
And I'll stop losing all my organs over you.

Yes I've discarded all my tarsals
And wrapped them up in parcels
They're going out today UPS blue
Got to stop losing all my organs over you.

(slow down)

Now I've told you my sad story
I'm sorry it's so gory
But pretty things are often less than true
Please help me get myself together over youuuu.....


  • 1998-ish: written while working on contract in Appleton, Wisconsin
  • 2013-09-04 demo recorded in living room at 122 Pinecrest


  • If anyone can think of more well-known place-names that rhyme with "you", please post them on the discussion page; "Xanadu" and "Timbuktu" seem a bit... iffy. (2007-10-23 update: replaced Xanadu with Malibu, which is good...)
  • Ok, should I try to squeeze in a line about "venting my spleen"?-
  • Should I change the title to "Organic Love Song"? I think I should. made it the subtitle