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I recorded the basic tracks (piano, vocals) on the TEAC A-2340SX in 1992. I digitized those in 2007, and added percussion and (electric piano) bass to produce this mix in 2015.

In 2017, I started rebuilding the multitrack session in Audacity from direct sources (no analog submixes), for a higher-quality final mix, but had to break off.


  • The title is a reference to My Brilliant CareerJenny and I saw the movie together when it played in Durham.
  • The intro is a reprise of You or a Reasonable Facsimile.
  • The original idea behind this arrangement was consciously inspired by the last 3 tracks on Abbey Road:
    • recap of another song on the same album
    • there was going to be a 17-second pause at the end (possibly using a recording of that same 17 seconds from my LP of Abbey Road, which has a loud scratch in it...
      • (Newer idea: instead of 17 seconds of silence or vinyl scratch, maybe some "music on hold" -- "your call is important to us, please stay on the line...")
    • ...followed by a short novelty track (The Penguin Song) with the announcement ("And now...") filtered to sound like a telephone.
  • I finally figured out in late December 2017 that the words are about dissociation.


(Facsimile reprise)

The other day out in the garden
I saw your picture on TV
You wouldn't say what was the matter
Just like the way you did for me


You will live in a jar
You will travel very far
You will wonder who you are
You will live with a cat
Who says how about that
And a little sports car
Take me away from this riddle
'Cause I never heard the sound
always running through my heart
You will live in a tent
You will be the president
You will wonder what I meant
You will live over there
You will vanish in the air
You will think that I don't care
Take me away from this riddle
'Cause I never heard the sound
always running through my heart
You will be in a show
Your progress will be slow
You will not know where to go
You will tell me what to do
I won't listen to you
Your mom will be there too
You will be all alone
You will be on the phone
You will speak at the tone
The answer will be near
You will tremble with fear
You will shed a silent tear

(repeat from start thru "you will speak at the tone")