Careless Restroom

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I feel so unsure
As I check the signs
On the lav door

Should I go inside?
I just can't decide --
"Man in dress in women's room", or "fag in drag":
Choose your suicide.


I'll never use the lav again
Gender police got no reason
Never mind how much they may pretend
They're just protecting you

Everybody's going off the deeper end
Terrified by any difference
So I'll never use the lav again
'Til I know which to use.


Time will always bring
Dumb legislation
From the right wing

Irony is dead
What gets in their head?
There's no profit in the truth
Just blame someone else instead.


The propaganda's been so loud
Just trying to stir up their crowd
They think that it makes sense to be
Checking people's genitals for privacy

It's like a drug that makes them dense
They say that it's just common sense
They use that word, but it's not what they mean
It's pretense...