Going Through the Motions

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Going Through the Motions is a satirical disco song.


  • Genre: disco satire


For so long now, babe, I've been hurt
In every single love affair
Well it's not gonna happen, no not anymore
And tonight you're gonna find out how much I really care


I'm goin' through the motions
I like to try to look like I'm feelin' free
Nobody's in my way now
They're just everywhere that I want to be
I'm goin' through the motions
Practicing my moves and looking so good
Going through the motions
Don't let me be misunderstood

I'm not expecting smoke and miracles
I don't want Mr. Right
I just need to make very sure that it's
Absolutely positively over in one night


I'm goin' through the motions
I want to really really seem sincere
We're gettin' pretty close now
Just you and me and everyone here
I'm goin' through the motions
Moving 'cross the dance floor like I should
Going through the motions
Are my feelings understood


I had in mind a female vocal for this one -- Tina Turner could do it, or maybe someone a little less gritty-sounding so you're caught more off-guard by the cynical message...