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a place for jotting down lyrics to songs in progress

Untitled #1

(Sung kind of like The Ramones meet "Not Fade Away")

Now hush little baby, this won't take long
Mama gonna sing you a rock 'n' roll song
Gonna tell you all about the birds 'n' the bees
'N' the people who work for the record companies

Nursery Rhyme

There's a little man in a big white house
And he doesn't know what to do
All the things he planned aren't working out
And nobody will do what he tells them to.

He wanders around trying to find the lights
The people who know, he sent away
His friends only know what he tells them about
So they're alone all together in the dark they made.

He thought he could keep out the bad guys
By building a wall to the sun
But the bad guys are here, 'cause he brought them himself
And now we all know that he's also one.

Originally posted here.