Rough Draughts

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Rough Draughts is my first official release.

Some of these songs have been literally decades in the making. I wrote "Losing All My Organs" in 1998; the first verse for "Your Brilliant Career" was written by Tigger in 1985, and the piano and vocal tracks were recorded (on an analog deck) in 1992. No, I don't consider either of those finished.

I really wanted to spend more time finishing these songs, but financial concerns force me to prioritize other things. I have a vague hope that sales and streaming revenue will help make that unnecessary, but it seems unlikely... so at this rate, my next album release will probably be sometime around 2048 :D

Track Listing

Each title is a link to lyrics and other information.

preferred order store release
  1. Don't Call the Doctor
  2. Time From a Bottle
  3. Sweet Dreams, Good Night
  4. Anatomic Reaction
  5. If This Goes On
  6. Losing All My Organs
  7. All the Beautiful Girls
  8. Your Brilliant Career
  9. Someday
  1. Sweet Dreams, Good Night
  2. Anatomic Reaction
  3. If This Goes On
  4. Don't Call the Doctor
  5. Someday
  6. Time From a Bottle
  7. Losing All My Organs
  8. Your Brilliant Career
  9. All the Beautiful Girls


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