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Status of Woozle's World-Improving Activities (WIAs)
aka Decreasing World Suck
as of 2019-11-15

world-saving .. world-improving

  • I host and administer a bunch of public service web sites, including:
    • TootCat (me) - a noncommercial social network node, part of the ActivityPub (Mastodon) fediverse
      • HubCat (me) - part of the Zot (Hubzilla) federated social network (more like Facebleck/G+)
    • Issuepedia - an enhanced wiki for deep political analysis and truth-seeking
    • HTYP - kind of a universal reference site for technical and community information-gathering
    • see domains for a run-down of all the stuff I host
  • I work on a few original open-source software projects (all PHP):
    • Ferreteria - a web application framework
    • VbzCart - online retail software untouched by venture capital
  • I work to undermine the plutonomy through redesigning business and democracy
  • I sometimes write and record music.
  • I sometimes write about my ghost-friend Jenny, who I believe was killed by self-doubt and social expectations. It's largely through wanting to make the world a better place for other Jennys that I ended up doing most of what I'm doing. I'm not working fast enough, though, and good people are still dying of the same causes.