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of general interest


  • Hypertwins Informatics[1]: consulting services
  •[1] -- currently a prototyping site for Ferreteria
  • -- our primary email domain; the HypertWiki (which ended up being our primary site) is on the subdomain
  • -- Harena's main email domain and static web site
  • Woozalia -- this site: my space for personal creative output

under intensive reconstruction

planned, no site yet

  • -- first InstaGov / improved social network node
  • -- was going to be a site for parody of conservatism, but ended up not having time/material. Turned off auto-renew.
  • -- to replace
  • -- see
  • -- was a sort of joke site, could easily be recreated; could also be used as a base for social networking site, e.g.
  • -- tentatively, this will be Harena's node on the VBZ network


  • PsyCrit: my dad's attempt at a site for critiques of papers in psychology[2]
    • alternate domain for PsyCrit, not currently in use
    • reserved in case we wanted to expand PsyCrit to cover science in general (SciCrit).
    • alternate domain for SciCrit
  • was being maintained for a now-essentially-defunct IRC community. I should see if any of them want it.
  • planned as a text-based adventure site. Much design work has been done.

for third parties

  • LessigWiki: Lawrence Lessig's wiki (not heavily used these days)
  • Outside Life: drazahoib's art and webcomics
  • Roast Rabbit Productions: Mek's stories and art
    • SnowRPG: redirect to a RoastRabbit project on StoryTown
  • The Malign Hand (TMH): site for my dad's eponymous book about economics (last updated 2014)
    • alternate domain for TMH, not currently in use


  • ICMStdn -- another Mastodon instance, loosely affiliated with ICMS but mainly used as a lab rat


  1. 1.0 1.1 I originally registered these just to keep control of the Big Three domains for "hypertwins"
  2. I feel there is much, much more that could be done with this concept. Will map out ideas on request.