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This whole web site (-slash-wiki) was initially just a place for me to put my music, though it's grown to include other creative stuff.


I've been writing and recording music on my own limited budget since the early 1980s, partly as an escape and partly as a means of expressing feelings where direct words are sometimes inadequate. Examples of the latter include:

  • All the Beautiful Girls: feeling terribly flawed, abandonment, gender dysphoria, death
  • Sweet Dreams, Good Night: despair (Harena says she found this song cathartic during the Josh Explosion years)
  • Spilling Time From a Bottle: tfw life seems to keep taking you further away from anything you ever wanted from it; suppressed self-loathing
  • Anatomic Reaction: second-guessing yourself about something you deeply know you want and need
  • Someday (unrecorded): tfw life moves too fast in the wrong direction (again) and you don't ever get to properly experience the (all too few) meaningful bits

I was also in a couple of bands that didn't go anywhere though we did record some original material, some of which I have posted.

  • 1992-1994: Mother of God (or "MoG" to your relatives) — music
  • 1993-1994: Abbey Normal — one song posted on SoundCloud
    • I will post the rest once I have an audio-hosting solution I'm satisfied with.