Stormy Daniels

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Don't know why
They won't believe my alibi,
Stormy Daniels.
Attorneys yippin' after me like cocker spaniels
More charges comin' in all the time.

Why this demand
I show up on the stand,
Stormy Daniels?
Guess I figure bigly in too many scandals --
Justice keeps arraignin' down all... the time.

When she went away
I told her to forget me.
She said "you'd better pay,
or else you will regret me."
But doing it my way?
The law won't let me!
Why is being a winner such a crime? whoa-woah...

Can't go on...
Ev'ry delay I'd got is gone,
Stormy Daniels.
Time slippin' through my hands like covfefe granules
My future's lookin' worse all the time.