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Jenny was my best friend in high school; she killed herself in 1983. There's a lot more information on the HypertWiki, including my story.

See also category:Jenny for local pages that reference Jenny


Some thoughts I want to elaborate on later:


That phrase, "we were all desperately in love with each other", keeps going through my mind.

I don't know whether E said it maliciously or honestly, and I don't much care; it feels like the best expression of how we felt.

...and as that loops around and around, I begin to realize why part of me really is still stuck back in that time, at that age.

Jenny once suggested that maybe after school was done and we were adults, we could live together.

Part of me is still waiting for that.


People keep saying things like "you were just teenagers then", and something about hormones or how we didn't have the self-knowledge to understand our own feelings then...

...but that's so wrong. We weren't like that. We worried about the future. (J worried about it so much it killed her.) We had passionate philosophical arguments. We *weren't* ruled by our hormones. I think that's part of why we loved each other.

Nothing that any of us did then makes me go "oh you IDIOT" now. (Addendum: well... aside from some things I said and wrote... but, like, we didn't go out drinking/drugging or do any of the other obvious stupid-teenager stuff.)