This Might Be Nine Eleven

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The spoken parts were re-recorded using halfway-decent microphones in early September, 2013, and some material was added (including all of part 2; the former part 2 is now part 3).


  • /notes: includes the words, and details about the samples used
  • Part One is set on 9/11/01, though the time scale kind of moves forward rapidly (hours, possibly days) as the questions and answers progress.
  • Part Two is set on board the USS Abraham Lincoln at the time of Bush's infamous "mission accomplished" speech.
  • Part Three is set on 9/11/07 (the original recording was done on 9/9/07). This part is perhaps a bit harsher on Dubya, but hey – he has really earned it, and I don't mind letting him have a little of my spleen to go along with the civil rights.


This is a "break-in" record (à la Mr. Jaws) where all the "responses" are from songs by They Might Be Giants. I tried to strike a good balance between humor and making serious points about the issues surrounding 9/11, with the serious points taking a slight backseat... but I think I managed to get some good ones in nonetheless. (What do you think?)


I am not in any way associated with They Might Be Giants. To the best of my knowledge neither of the Johns nor anyone associated with them have either heard this recording or expressed any views about the 9/11 situation. If someone could recommend a good place to post this for feedback from the TMBG crew, I'd be interested. (TMBWiki?)