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(Note: originally distributed to friends & relations on 2017-01-20.)

Inauspicious Day announcement

I have decided to counteract the ignorant and hateful attitudes being formally placed in positions of authority today by going public about my gender status.

(Do not adjust your sets; there is no cause for alarm; keep calm and carry on.)

The short version:

  • I am transitioning to female. (I have always preferred a female identity, but suppressed it for most of my life because I mistakenly believed it was logically impossible.)
  • I prefer female pronouns, but won't take offense when people slip up (inevitable).
  • I (still) prefer to be called "Woozle". For those who know me as "Nick", that is also acceptable -- but I plan to introduce myself as "Woozle" wherever a legal name-match is not required.
  • I'm not currently planning any sudden, dramatic changes to my appearance or presentation. You should have plenty of time to adapt ;-)

There is much more information at

...but please feel free to ask me any questions you may have. It is a great relief to be able to discuss this openly after so many years!

Warm Regards,



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