Traces (of Lunch)

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  • Parody of of "Traces" by Classics IV
  • Parody written circa 1988


Plastic silverware
Taken from the cafeteria
A sandwich made with care
Covered now with grey bacteria

Traces of lunch -- long ago -- that didn't work out right
Traces of lunch...

Splattered globs of cheese
Covering the walls and ceiling
Bacon bits and grease
Once afire, but now congealing


Traces of lunch... long ago... that didn't work out right
Traces of lunch... on my counter-top tonight.


I close my eyes
And say a prayer
That under my sink I'll find
A kitchen cleaner still there

Shriveled tangerines
Dripping something like molasses
Faded salad greens
Turned to brownish liquid masses

Chorus 2:

Traces of hope... In the night... That my friends will ignore
These... traces of lunch... on my floor.

additional bits

Folded BLTs

Traces of soap
In the night
As I tried to remove
These traces of lunch
From my life