Time From a Bottle

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  • when written: roughly 2008-2009. I've temporarily lost where I originally wrote down the words. I think there were more of them (the first part of the second verse). When I find it, that will help pin down the date. As of 2013-02-09, I've recorded demo backing tracks and am waiting for the house to be quiet so I can do the vocals.


It's in the evening
and everything's all right
Pistol-packin' mama, don't you tell me dirty lies
for I'll be sleeping
underground tonight
and the starlight and the moon will shine without my oversight...


Wasting away, spilling time from a bottle
Keeping one hand up on the wheel and one hand on the throttle
Wasting the day, spilling time from a bottle
Watching all of our dreams like the stars going out one by one.


I've got no time now
for things I can't abide
and trying to escape yourself requires a long long ride
so grab a barstool
to keep yourself afloat
If the weather in my head gets out, you'll need your overcoat