My Land Lord

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  • Parody of "My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison
  • Parody written circa 1986
  • Note: does not work if sung to the tune of "He's So Fine" instead

My landlord
Mmm, my landlord
My my landlord
I really wanna call him
I really wanna cuss him out
I really wanna strangle him
But he's never home, oh no

He always says he'll be there
He always says he'll fix it up
He's always fetching more supplies,
And it takes so long, my landlord...

My landlord (x3)
He never fixed the windows
He never fixed the bathroom sink
He never fixed the toilet bowl
And it overflowed on the floor

My landlord
(Hari problems) My landlord
(Hari problems) My landlord
I do not like his brother
I do not like his nephew
I do not like his relatives
When they answer the phone, oh no

(Meri Krismas) My landlord
(Meri Krismas) My landlord
I wanna see him suffer
I wanna see him agonize
I wanna see his properties
Inspected by the Realty Board

(Calla Lawyer) My landlord
(Calla Lawyer) My landlord
(Alley Lewters) My landlord
(Alley Lewters) My landlord