Me and EN163

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  • Written: 1998 or earlier (retrieved from The Wayback Machine timestamp 1998/06/10 08:01:01)
  • Subject: an electrical engineering class I took at Brown University, as part of work there circa 1988
  • Parody of: "Me and Bobby McGee"


Busted flat in B&H;
Waitin' for a TA
Feelin' faded as my LEDs
Thought I had the answer down
Just before it failed
And kept me out of bed 'till way past three

I'd bent all my pins
An' with my sloppy wirin' diagram
Chips smokin' softly instead of blowin' the fuse
I'd try to finish up in time
And guess what output I would find
I used every excuse that TA knew...

Engin's just another word for nothin' left to lose
Nothin', and some blown-out LEDs
Strippin' wires was easy, lord, back before Lab Two
And strippin' wires was good enough for me...
But not enough to pass EN163.

Author's Note: actually, I did pass.