Xmas Benefit Song

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A Christmas Benefit Song

Star of wonder, star so bright
Shining in my eyes tonight
I wish I may I wish I might
Get some peaceful sleep tonight
God is great and God is good
God lives in your neighborhood
But if you don't get out of town
I will burn the whole thing down.
Make a promise, make a wish
Put it under a covered dish
Covered dish will keep it hid
So no-one knows what you just did
But if there's nothing underneath
I will take back all my teeth
And if you don't hear all my terms
I'm gonna open a can of worms.
Hush my baby, don't you pout
We will put all your fires out
Fire's out so you can play
You can start one another day.
All these fires everywhere
Shows the world how much you care
and when you've burned up everything
I will give you a piece of string
And if you open that can of worms
You'll have to listen to my terms.
Ring your bell out in the air
Tell the world how the world's not fair.
Ring your bell so we will know
It's time to spend up all our dough
But if you don't leave me alone
Then I'll ignore your telephone.
And if you leave me a piece of string
I will tie up everything
A ring ring ring, a ding ding ding
I will give you a piece of string
A ring ring ring, a ding ding dong
You need to know that something's wrong
A dong dang dong, a ding dang ding
I'm gonna blow up all... your... string