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I'll be adding more of these as I find the courage(?) to write them.


This was in 1983 or 84.

Shannon had invited another musician – Fran McMillian, someone she had contacted somehow at Duke (I think there was a bulletin board?) – over to my house for a second recording session (the first session had resulted in this), and then couldn't be there... which was awkward to begin with because I was depending on S to be the social interface, of course... but we managed to do a little recording, mainly of Fran I think (I remember one particular song that she sang & played on the Fender-Rhodes) and after maybe an hour or so we adjourned the session and I walked with her out to her car.

I think I was apologizing for being socially awkward or something, and she said something like "well, you're not quite what I was expecting!" (in a sort of not-necessarily-bad-but-not-necessarily-good sort if way) and I, grasping at straws for something to say in response, said something like "I guess I hadn't expected you to be black!"

I forget if I was instantly mortified or if it took a few minutes for it to sink in, after she drove off, what a terrible thing that was for me to say.

I wish to apologize profusely to Fran and the universe at large for my privileged obliviousness. >.<