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The main three motifs of this song (and the general pattern of "see them [something something something] - worms") showed up while I was sleeping in the early morning of 2016-01-26. I felt pretty certain that if I didn't immediately go downstairs and make a quick mobile phone recording of it on the piano, I'd forget how it went, so I did that. (I was right; until I played back the recording, I could only remember the general feel.)

See them living in your garden - worms
See them underneath your waste bin - worms

See them doing their additions - worms
See them getting education - worms
See them filling applications - worms
They don't ask for terms.
Oh worms.

See them standing on the corner - worms
See them crawling to the subway - worms
See them sleeping on the sidewalk - worms
Oh worms.

See them watching television - worms
See them voting in elections - worms