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I Am Not Under God take 2 - crop.jpg

I've been noodling around with the idea of making this into a mug or a sticker or something on Cafepress or some similar site (Update: did a mug on Zazzle), but then I discovered Facebook "Flair" and thought I'd try it out in that venue first.

It can be taken either as a statement of atheism (which is how I mean it) or, if you are a theist, as a rejection of the idea of being subservient to God. (If I were a theist, I'm pretty sure that I would insist on being in a partnership with God rather than a servant.)

It's also (perhaps primarily) a rejection of the phrase "under God" which was added to the US Pledge of Allegiance in the mid-1900s, and which is now being used by theistic hypocrites as "evidence" of America's innate Christianity.