The Far Right Zone

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Submitted for your approval: one Cyrus T. Farnsworth the third.

Made his first million shortly after being born, and never looked back.

Does his paperwork meticulously, and uses only the most reputable tax shelters.

A fine upstanding citizen, who accepts the fact that sometimes the only place to stand up is on somebody else's back. A man who knows his place, and makes sure that everyone else knows it too.

Yet for all his carefully-crafted reputation for honesty, for all the vitally-needed minimum wage jobs provided by the many factories he has bought from his ruined competitors, and despite his vast and spotlessly-maintained fleet of cars in which he likes to be seen mingling with the crowds of everyday people in the streets outside, he was simply unable to find the right spin when he found himself on a little unplanned detour... into The Far Right Zone.