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NTs: You're overthinking things. Just be yourself!
Me: <relaxes a bit>
NTs: Why did you do that?


Me: I wish I had more people to engage in meaningful dialogue.
NTs: You need to get out more! Have some fun!
Me: <goes to party> <can't find anyone to talk to> <has breakdown from overstimulation>


NTs: You're just like everybody else – so why do you have to keep being so weird?
Me: ...

creature care

The thought of being on a deadline for locating a cat and getting it into a carrier with a minimum of trauma is a big deal for me. I think this is largely because if I can't manage to find/catch the cat in time, then I'll have to call someone to cancel and reschedule and maybe have to pay a missed-appointment penalty and I will have very negative feelings about myself. It doesn't seem to bother Harena nearly as much, though, despite her social anxiety being worse than mine.

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t-shirt ideas

Q: What does an autistic socially-phobic trans lesbian do?

A: Wear this t-shirt.