Stage of Life

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  • tempo: 120-140 bps (2):2:2:4
  • main chords: Cm, Ab, Eb, Bb (though what's in my head seems to be a step up from that, starting in Dm, sometimes)
  • inspiration:
    • Musical: Ace of Base (vocals for verses), "Save Tonight" by Eagle Eye Cherry (chorus vocal/feel)
    • Lyrics: mainly some stuff that happened to Tessa, where family basically rendered them homeless for the sake of someone else's convenience



Some of us look around and don't see why they should care
Some of us try to breathe, but can't get any air
It's time to re-examine
All the things we've stood upon
It's time to take an honest look
At what's been going on.

Look at what's all around you – don't pretend you don't see
Listen to what I'm saying – don't pretend you don't agree
The rain is falling faster
We're caught up in the flow
We're underneath the water
It might be time to go

Chorus 1
Everyone's making my mind up
Everyone's taking my time
Everyone's given up everything
Everyone's out of line

I think the time is coming
I think it may be ripe
To pluck the fruit of anger
And throw it at this stage of life

Some of us look at others, and think there's nothing there
Some of us talk about it, when we have the breath to spare
The rain is falling faster
We're underwater now
We're sinking in the sediment
Convention, take a bow.


The rain is falling faster
We're underwater now
How do you like the sea floor?
Will you learn to breathe somehow?

Chorus 2
Everyone's chewing bubblegum
Everyone's taking names
Everyone's just being realistic
Everyone's playing games

I think the time is coming
I think it may be ripe
To pluck the fruit of anger
And throw it at the stage of life

When the truth is hard to swallow, we eat sugar-coated lies.
It's no wonder we need direction when the world is in disguise.
So finish your balanced breakfast
Someone's calling your name
I can't believe we're all alone
I don't think we're to blame

Mile-Long Chorus
Everyone's walking faster
Nobody stands their ground
Nobody's doing anything
Everyone stands around

Everyone's making overtures
Everyone's playing games
Everyone's working overtime
Everyone's underpaid

Everyone's got clean underwear
Everyone's soul is stained
Everyone's life is compromised
Everyone's heart is strained

Everything's so different
Everything stays the same
There's nothing else on my mind now
There's no one else to blame

Everything's wrapped in silence
Everything's wrapped in shame
Everything's trapped in violence
Everyone's to blame

Everyone's taking pictures
Everyone's posting memes
Everyone's running on empty
Everyone's putting off dreams

Now is the gilded moment
we can step out of this cage
to pluck the fruit of anger
and throw it at the stage of life.