Save the Rich

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My rent is overdue
And my hound dog has the flu
Or maybe it's ebola, I don't know
And my job pays minimum wage
'Cause the government thinks I don't know how to stand on my own.

But I might be rich someday
So that is why I say --

  Save the rich
  Let 'em keep everything they stole
  They sacrifice their whole lives to make money their goal
  Save the rich
  It's always been theirs by rights, so they can do all they do.
  And poor folk don't make good jobs for losers like you.

  Save the rich
  Let 'em take whatever they need
  They surely must be doin' something right, it's guaranteed
  Save the rich
  They only make us work hard because profit is their only goal
  And they give up everything to play that role.

  'Cause I know that's what I'll want when I'm one too.

  Save the rich
  Let 'em take whatever they want
  They've got it all so let's give 'em everything we have

  They've worked hard, they deserve some reward

  God has blessed them in the only way that really means a damn

The school budget's been cut to shreds
And we're having to check under the beds
For spare change to buy some beans for dinner tonight.
But if the stock market goes south
We'll all be living hand-to-mouth
So we'd better make sure the rich are doin' all right.