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These are my piano arrangements of a few songs I like (more to come, assuming there's no massive public outcry against my barbaric treatment of innocent musical instruments).

I tried to set these up so they could be played in-page, but MediaWiki seems to fight with JS in that regard -- so for now, these are download links:

  • TMBG: "Ana Ng"
  • Gerry Rafferty: "Right Down the Line"
  • Pink Floyd: "Childhood's End"
    • This is excerpted from one long take with a lot of false starts and a bit in the middle I ended up needing to rework. If you've done much audio editing, you can probably hear the join.
  • ELO: "Turn to Stone" MP3 OGG
    • This was take #4, without any edits (and lots of little mistakes). I'm thinking I need to rearrange it a bit more so I'm playing the melody line during the chorus, as I do during the verses. I was originally thinking I was going to do vocals, so the melody line would be unnecessary, but there hasn't been time.

All of these were recorded on a digital piano with unweighted keys.

See also: Geek Piano Favorites has a list of things I may be recording.