Overton Window

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F, G, C
F, G, Am... (still working this out)

Someone said "hey! There's two sides to every story!
And I think that your view on this stuff is a little extreme.
I'm sure that the people you're talking about aren't evil;
all that they're doing is trying to fight for their team.

And honestly, what's wrong with making a living?
And if they make more of it than you, why is that bad?
You know that you're just jealous of how they're succeeding
Try working harder instead of being jealous and mad."

Dm, G, C, Am
Dm, G, Am, B7

and I said "take a look outside the Overton window
a narrow framework that tries to shape all you perceive
don't let your consent be manufactured
don't always believe whatever they can make you believe.

and I said "take a walk outside the Overton window
don't let the media narrative make up your mind

the surrounding casement hides things that you need to know