Motel Universe

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  • origin: the first line of the chorus came to me in a dream, with music, around 3am on 2019-09-18. I had it about 75% written within half an hour or so, then had to keep it all in my head for ~4 hours until I could get up and write it down.
  • music: starts in D major; beat is 4:2:3:(2? 3?) @ 66 bpm
    • I think maybe the verses are 4:3:2:2 and the choruses are 4:3:2:3, but I'll have to listen more closely.


I'm hell on wheels
It's hell because
you're not riding here by my side
but you were right
you would have hated this ride
the road signs are full of lies
twisted lines that tangled you up inside

I'll... be... an angel
and I'll play the game
no matter how much it hurts
I'll... be... an angel
Without you by my side,
it can't get any worse.
There's a few things coming down
before it's time to leave this town
and check out of this Motel Universe.

(instrumental verse)
I see your loving face
Smiling down on me from that place
I hope all these wrong turns take me there

Can't we please please turn around
Every minute I drive takes me further away from your smile
But I know... I'll be at the end in awhile
I can't even hear your voice
Over all this motor noise
But you know I had no choice.

My world ended the day
that we parted ways
and you saw it was your time to fly
so for now here I'll stay
until we together are ghost riders up in the sky.
The early morning sun
brings a light when the night is done
and it's time to face another one.