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Transgenderity is a birth defect which results in some combination of the following:

  • social misidentification, starting at birth. In most cases, this goes unaddressed until the victim notices the resulting dysphoria and is able to convince others it is real.
  • endocrine disorder: the victim has the wrong set of sex hormones, typically resulting in social maladaptation and emotional issues
  • gender-related body dysphoria (aka gender dysphoria): the victim feels discomfort because gender-related aspects of their body are the wrong gender

Treatment can involve any or all of the following:

  • HRT: hormone replacement therapy, to correct the endocrine disorder caused by the birth and begin reshaping the body
  • Surgery to directly alter the body shape to conform to the victim's actual gender; this can include:
    • SRS: surgical reconfiguration of the sex organs
    • "top" surgery
    • voice surgery (MtF only)
    • facial hair removal (MtF only)

For the specific treatments I am using, see transition/status.