Masters of the Opposable Thumb

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"Masters of the Opposable Thumb" was a name thought of by (I think) Matt Henry, but I don't know if he had anything else in mind beyond that.

It inspired the following sketch fragment (and at least one other which I've written down elsewhere but haven't yet found) written in approximately 1997.


FX: echoey drippiness, like we're in a cave and it's rather dismal. Drips continue in the background over the following:
Ug: Hullo, wel-come to "Masters of Opposable Thumb". Me your host, Ug. This Og, co-host.
Og: (grunts)
Ug: Oh sure, that easy for you to say, Og. (pause) We got really great show for you tonight, so you not start seasonal migration yet! We be right back, if species not go extinct.

(End of show: "...hope you not get eaten by hungry carnivore.")