Just Following Orders

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  • inspiration: RBW
  • somewhat unfinished, though there is music for most of it


Am E7 It's time I laid it on the line
C D You know I think you are just fine
F C But even if we start out right we'll
Dm E end up wrong
Am E7 You know I have to leave you here
C D And find someone with a career
F C And don't you know my mother made me
F G write this song
Am E7 Hypocrisy comes hard to me
C D But it's expected, don't you see
F C If only I had paid attention
Dm E all along...
How many times must I repeat
You don't know how to be discreet
And don't you know my mother made me write this song
F  C  E7			
Dm A Your shoes aren't tied, your clothes are wrong
C6 G You think too much, your hair's too long
Bb F You don't know when to stop thinking of the
Gm A reasons you shouldn't just quietly go along
Dm A ...I can't get through to you
C6 G Now what the hell am I gonna to do
Bb F My mother warned me about people like you
Gm A7
Won't you please cooperate
It's time to go now we'll be late
I always get the blame for when we take too long
This only proves what I was told
You'll have regrets when you get old
And don't you know my mother made me write this song
You act too weird, your shirt's untucked
I feel confused, my life is fucked
I'm way too tired to reconstruct
The reasons for this mess
You don't belong here in this place
It's all my fault, a great disgrace
I just can't go back home to face
My family's distress