I Wanna Be a Guitar Man

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This song came to me in a dream (in the dream, it was a classic R&B tune). Therefore: don't laugh at me, laugh at the song-fairies. (It might actually be a song I heard once and I just don't recognize it... but the only way to find out is to record it so a zillion other people can hear it.)

It's kind of like a 1-4-5 blues except it skips the 4 and goes straight to 5. Go figure.

Needs a female vocal with the energy of Aretha Franklin but maybe a little huskier.

My mama asked
Who I wanna be
And I said Mama,
Can't you see
I wannna be
a guitar man.
Well my papa said
"No daughter o' mine
Gonna do anything
Of that kind!:
I wanna be
a guitar man.
I took my money
To the guitar store
But the sign said "honey,
we are closed for sure"
I wanna be
a guitar man.
Went to the bar
To play my licks
Barman said "what's a girl like you
"doin' in a place like this?"
I wanna be
a guitar man.

Needs more verses. There should be a bridge that goes something like D-D-D-D-D-D-Eb-C... the pattern seems to want to be broken up with completely different bits every now and then. And then the climax will be a guitar solo that stays in one key longer than expected.