Hero Dance

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This morning I dreamed I was listening to a cassette I'd made of some Todd Rundgren songs (which I don't think I ever actually made), which went (as was my usual preference) from oldest to newest. Suddenly a song came on that I didn't recognize, and I decided it must be from his 1985 album A Capella, which Tigger's step-mom Susan gave me one year for Christmas. I only listened to it a couple of times, and the one song which stood out for me ("Hodja") was different from this: different tempo, different words, different message, though similar mood.

When I woke up, as soon as I could (which took about 20 minutes) I went downstairs and searched for the lyrics I could remember, but came up with nothing. There also aren't any songs on the album that are called "Hero Dance". I therefore am thinking this is probably original.

Unfortunately by the time I could really start writing all this down, i.e. now, the feel of it has mostly gone out of my head and I keep reverting to "Hodja" and I can't quite remember how the melody went. I do remember thinking that the tempo is somewhere between "You Can't Hurry Love" and "Blame It on the Girls" (with maybe a bit of "That's Not My Name"?)

Maybe it will come back to me later. I hate how busy my life is.


Why don't we all get together
Eb . . Bb . .
Why don't you give love a chance
Eb . . Bb . .
Why don't you do the same as me and do the Hero Dance
Ab .. F .. Bb
(can't remember the rhythm of the words or how they interact with the chords)

You know we've got to work together
That's how freedom is won
And fighting everybody can't be much fun