Dum Enuff

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For you baby I would... shout at a tree
And nothin' I'd do for you that's.. too dum for me
I might wrestle with an elephant or a... great white shark
I'll write songs about how I wear my sunglasses in the dark
Ain't that dum enuff...

I would... stuff crates of jello in.. side my ears
The dumb things I do baby must be driving you to tears
I'll... stand on my head and then I'll howl like a loon
Livin' with me you must wish you.. lived on the moon
Ain't that dum enuff...

I'd sit for 24 hours in the middle of the road
Then I'd run in circles and wait until it snowed
I might climb the Sears Tower in an early autumn rain
I might jump off the top and then I'd.. do it again
Ain't that dum enuff...