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A song I'm writing with the idea of doing a kind of federated "We Are the World" kind of recording.


Do you sometimes feel the world has gone insane?
All the worst people are taking all the best...
With dogwhistles a-blowin' a chill right through your soul
as civilization sets slowly in the West.

Well let me tell you something - there's a place where you can go
Where sending people death-threats is actually not okay
Nazis, Klan, mansplainers, TERFs, and assholes are shown the door
Sorry that's redundant, but we have to say....

Leave tweeting for the birds
Come join the federation
There's sharks and lots of gay for you and meeee
We're marching hand in hand
All across our scary nation
Well anyway at least metaphoricalleeee.....

We're Mastodon, we're Mastodon
We don't care how they carry on
We're Mastodon, their frozen fruit is in the waste bin
We're Mastodon, we're Mastodon
We won't miss them when they're gone
They're free to dump their speech all over PasteBin.

So you're down to your last nickel as you post on Patreon
And some plutocratic asshole says art isn't a career
And #birdsite shadowbanned you for saying death-threats are kind of mean
But verified the account of a rapist - well at least their position is clear...

You don't have to be a star
To get our validation
I mean, lots of us don't even watch teeveeee...
Just keep your shitposts short
lewd selfies in moderation
and make sure you've thoroughly read the CoC.



  • 2017-10-01 2 lead-ins and chorus originally posted here