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No music yet that I've been happy with.


I really think it's silly and I don't remember you
Were slowly talking through your toenails looking like a motley crew.
You had your eye fixed on the doorway and your face a little blue
I wonder why you talked to me as if I wouldn't talk to you.

I saw you by the statue with your hand up in its face
You had your monkey on its shoulder slowly covering in lace
It was a moldy rainy Wednesday, you were standing in disgrace
And as my eyeballs wandered slowly you were gone without a trace.

I think the reason you were thinking was a monster dressed in blue
It had its finger on your shoulder and its ankle in your shoe
It wouldn't say what it was doing when it sliced you up in two
I guess in answer to your question, there was nothing we could do.


  • Written no later than 1992-10-31, but probably in 1983-85.
  • 2019-05-18 transcribed from 1992-10-31 printout