Just Let Go

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(G D Em G7) Obligations pile up and you think you really suck
(C D G D) cuz you don't know how to lift it all anymore
(G B7 C A) Can't keep saying "yes" and hoping for the best
(Dm E7) You're gonna be a brown spot on the floor

(G D Em G7) You can't fix everything, you know --
(C7 B7 Em G7) You've got to just... let... go.
(C7 B7 Em) Just... let... go.
(A) Though it hurts you so, you've got to
(C7 B7 Em) Just... let... go.

They're telling you what you gotta be to get along
Start trying harder or you're gonna fail
And every little thing has got a giant string
To keep you tied tight to the rail

Can't be everything to everyone, you know --