Birthday Song

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Have you taken lots of pictures
Have you written lots of rhymes
Are there things you haven't finished
Are you running out of time
Are you tired of being a nuisance
Are you tired of being cute
Are you going to offer something
I'll be unable to refute
Have you learned to be outrageous
Have you learned to be outraged
Are you tired of playing scrabble
With the leopards in your cage
Is it something you're not sure of
Is it something that I said
Does it sometimes make you lie awake
And wish you weren't so dead
Do you intend to make a difference
Do you intend to set things straight
Are you afraid the world will redefine you
And give you hell when you're out late
Are there pieces of you missing
Are there spaces in your head
Will you fill them in with colors
Or will you fill them up with lead

(1992nov, 1993feb, jun, 1994sep14 -- needs music)

Discarded bits

The bits above just kind of Happened, which is my favorite way to write. It seemed like it needed an introductory stanza, however, so I tried to bang one out... but they always sound contrived and I always end up picking words that don't rhyme. Maybe it doesn't need an intro.

I heard today's your birthday
I hope it's going as it should or One thing that must be understood or'... something something -ood
Some people can enjoy their birthdays (that just doesn't say what I wanted it to)
Others give them up for good