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...and then the next day I posted it essentially verbatim on [ Google+] and [ Facebook].

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I had SRS done on July 19, 2017 by Dr. Keelee MacPhee, with the operation conducted at NC Specialty Hospital (less than half an hour from where I live). It was an unexpected piece of luck to find this surgery available so close to home; I would probably have had to wait at least another year (and possibly indefinitely) if I had needed to travel any significant distance. (More: What is SRS?)

I am quite satisfied with the results (it's a bit early to say much more than that).

With this, both of the required items on my transition do-list are now either complete or underway.


The week before, I recorded a song which expresses some of my feelings going into it: Anatomic Reaction

There are a few pictures of my experience (safe for general consumption) on the HypertWiki.

On my 5th full day home (when I still had a catheter stuck inside me), I recorded a quick song parody about the experience: video


The Day Of (semi-private)

I posted this privately on G+, and a shorter version publicly on

So, here I am recovering from SRS. The pain -- rather to my pleasant surprise -- has been declining steadily since they wheeled me out of the recovery room and into the overnight room (where Harena is staying with me), and the only painkiller they've given me is non-narcotic (I specifically asked) -- it's now down to somewhere around 2/10.

As I may have mentioned previously, I went for the minimum-depth option which, although much safer and cheaper and not requiring dilation, also precludes penetrative intercourse.

This, in turn, means that I am now at last properly equipped for dealing with Nazis, Trump supporters, gamergaters, broflakes, sealions, and right-wing assholery of every shape and variety... that I literally have no fucks to give.

<braces for rotten fruit to be hurled>

Thank you thank you, I'll be here all night (also literally; they send me home sometime tomorrow).

(Yes, I went there... and yes, I've been saving that punchline for MONTHS. I hope y'all appreciate my dedication.)

Some comments I got:

  • Congratulations! And that joke... It could have been forgivable if you were on narcotic pain killers. =)
  • You well and truly earned the use of that punchline! Congratulations!
  • I can offer you peaches, mangoes, cherries, apricots, jamun, and grapes these days. I will rot them carefully to meet your exacting specifications. Because I read your post again, and tomatoes won't cut it. XD XD XD
  • Cherries. That is what this joke needs. Cherries. And muffins. And Betty White.
  • Talk about maintaining courageous humor through painful times hero!! Dayaaamn girl!

Ten Days Later (public)

I sent this out via email to a long list of people, just to make sure everyone who knew about the transition also knew about the SRS:

As a long-planned part of my transition to female, I underwent sex reassignment surgery this past July 19 -- something I have been wanting for at least seventeen years.

The operation went without a hitch, and I've been recovering very well. The recovery period lasts another 4-5 weeks, during which I'm supposed to avoid exerting myself (to put it as simply as possible).

I've posted more information here:

Thank you to the many friends and family who have been so supportive and helpful during all of this.

Warm Regards,


...and then the next day I posted it essentially verbatim on Google+ and Facebook.