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  • 2017-09-20 Typing in unfinished lyrics from memory; thought I had them written down somewhere, but maybe not


Before all the sadness
Before all the pain
We could have been [something]
We might have held hands in the rain

Before all this happened
Before it was done
We still had forever
We still could have played in the sun

Take me back...
Take me back... all I can say
now the wind has taken you away.

Before all the darkness
came for your soul
Before everything just
spiraled all out of control

Before you were broken
Before things went wrong
You could have been happy
There seemed like a way to get home.


If I lived a thousand years ago, at least you'd be getting closer
Now every passing second moves you further away
If I could say one word to you, out of the millions I've been saving
Maybe I'm being selfish, but all I can think of is "stay"

Before when I met you
Before you were born