Anatomical Reaction

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I never understood what's on the front of me
It always seemed like some kind of insanity
An accident -- erroneous ontogeny
And that is why I'm changing my anatomy.
Sometimes the cells divide into calamity
Sometimes I think I must need a lobotomy
Who wants to be a freak from a laboratry
But even so I must change my anatomy.
Brains don't always match up with biology
You can't make everything right with technology
But leaving things unchanged just makes a sadder me
So that it why I must change my anatomy.
Ohh... maybe it's best to let it go...
Sometimes the things you think you want are no better than the things you know.
If you think things over long enough
you'll begin to wonder whether up is down.
Ohhh... that I could wake up in a different universe
Maybe it would be better, though possibly it could be worse
If you question your assumptions all the way
you'll begin to wonder whether up is down.

verses (from memory):

Dm . . Dm7
Gm7. . Bb
A . A7.
Dm . . .